Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Birthday!

After a long night of labor and a long morning of pushing, Nicole gave birth at 11:15am here in Chicago. We have a healthy, beautiful, 8lb 150z baby girl (who is a shade of purple and has a cone head, but cute nonetheless). Welcome to the world Evangeline Marie Gustafson Kennedy!

We're exhausted right now, but sometime soon we'll post pictures here and at her own website: Evie is my new favorite baby, Nicole is my new favorite super hero.


Lydia said...

Wow...God is good.

I burst into tears as soon as I saw "Happy Birthday" and read her name. Evangeline is perfect. Rest and Rejoice. Love you ALL.

Sarah said...

congratulations Matt and Nicole and welcome little Evie! What a beautiful name. We are so thrilled for you and can't wait to meet her.
Sarah, Rolf, and Isaak

Devyn C said...

Congrats! Let me know when you are all rested up and want a visitor!

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of you both, and can't wait to meet and hold Evie Marie.

Grandpa and Grandma Kennedy

Anonymous said...

Hey Nicole,

Adrienne told us of your delivery of your beautiful little girl. We love the name! I'm sure she will enjoy playing with our Elliot and Clara when you come over to play Scattergories! Take care, get lots of sleep, and drink some hot chocolate!

Mary Anderson

Adrienne said...

hey kids! can't wait for pictures! the eviemarie page is still private, so i'll keep checking.

can't wait to meet her!! counting the days already! :)

Anonymous said...

As Grandpa and Grandma Kennedy said, we also can't
wait to meet our sweet little, Evie Marie. We were quite surprised at the weight, and thankful that you
were able to deliver normally, Nicole. You are a trooper, and very proud of you doing it without pain
meds. I bet Matt is one proud Daddy also. Cannot wait to see pics. Hope you both are able to get some rest.

Love, Grandpa and Grandma G

Anonymous said...

Nicole and Matt- Congratulations. Love the name. I am so thankful everything went well. Hope this finds you taking a long nap.


Anonymous said...

Just saw the pics at We are thrilled to say the least. Gayle and I have kept the phones busy. We'll never forget November 12-17, 2007. Gonna have a hard time waiting for our first face to face meeting with Evie Marie next Saturday. As Lydia already noted, 'God is Good'!

Marv G.,
Who's eight hours into grampa mode!

Anonymous said...

congratulations, i'm glad she's finally here. now the fun begins! enjoy it!

love her name!

julie muller

Anonymous said...

congratulations! i hope she grows up quickly as my mom's garage needs a new coat of paint! :)

joe anderson

Neil said...

Hello Kennedy Family!

I'm really happy for you, and little Evangeline is lucky to be born to such great people. Good news indeed!! See you soon.