Monday, November 12, 2007

Our friend Devyn is here helping us pass the time with a game of Scrabble. I had a 68 point word that secured the win ("Quart" with a double letter under the 'Q' and a double word score)!

Nicole's contractions are ranging from 7-12 minutes apart. Not significantly progressed from a couple hours ago. She's doing very well.


northberger said...

Last week Faith was able to use all seven of her letters two nights in a row with the same word both nights: SQUARES. Thankfully, I was able to overcome the second night and beat her.

We're looking forward to seeing 'Baby K'.

Uncle Paul

Lydia said...

Imagine if you were getting ready to have a baby and you went home to discover that your power was off...cause that is what happened to us just now...except wthout the baby part. Claudia and Josh say hi.

Matt said...

Lydia, how then is it you are able to access the internet without power?

How are you able to conjure flame without flint or tinder?

Devyn C said...

The Q was under a TRIPLE letter score and then there was a double word score. If you are going to brag at least be accurate! I told Ryan about your play and he laughed out loud....he's knows how bad it irked me!

Lydia said...

new phones with internet capabilities. :)