Friday, November 16, 2007

We spent most of our day just hanging around the house (a 2-minute drive from the hospital) and we had contractions all over the map from 7 to 18 minutes apart. Tonight when we went out for errands and dinner, we found ourselves bogged down in traffic and it was only then we ended up with some contractions as close as five minutes. We speculated some cruel fate was taunting us by waiting till we got away from the hospital before they picked up, but they slowed down again to back around 8-12 minutes.

Well, for the last hour we're consistently back at five minutes apart. Our tenative plan is to see if it remains this way for another hour or two (unless they get 3-4 minutes regular). If this keeps up, when 11pm rolls around we'll start thinking seriously about heading over to L&D. We're staying very conservative right now since we got burned last time, but things are looking pretty good.


Sarah said...

yeah! i hope baby k comes soon! good luck!

Anonymous said...

Been sitting next to the phone all evening, Matt and Nicole, just waiting for that phone call, saying you
are heading to the hospital.

Hope we will be Grandma G and Grandpa Gus by morning.

We love you.